10 Reasons You Should Consider Car Donation for Your Old Car in Toronto

Donating a car that you no longer use is a wise decision. It is not only beneficial for the charitable organisation or individual recipient but also for you too. For more details, here’s a discussion on why you should consider giving away your vehicles as donations:

Tax deduction

Whether you donate your car to a local or international charitable organization, you will receive a tax deduction receipt. However, tax exemption depends on the value of your vehicle that you are willing to donate.

Hassle-free service

While you want to get rid of your old car, you may be unsure of the paperwork and other formalities involved. Charitable trusts will work with you to obtain the necessary documents so you can donate without any complications.

A car without your title

If you inherit a vehicle whose title is in the name of someone else, dealing becomes difficult. However, car donation centers have the resources and legal knowledge to help you navigate this process.

Empty garage space

Unused or broken-down vehicles occupy a lot of space in your garage, driveway, or yard. If you donate the car, you get sufficient space to beautify your house or park a new car.

Save from extra expenses

When your vehicle ages-old, you will have to bear maintenance costs like oil changes, new tires, operational belts, etc. But if you donate it, the charitable organisation can use the funds from the sale of your car for operational purposes or social services.

Help the needy

If your car is in a drivable condition, the charitable institution can use it for everyday tasks like grocery shopping or taking elders to a doctor. In this way, your little act of kindness will help poor people who can’t afford to buy a vehicle.

All types of cars

Charitable trusts will accept any type of car irrespective of its make and model. If your car works, the organisation will use it to serve the community. Otherwise, they will sell the vehicle and use the funds for their daily activities.

No intermediaries

Getting rid of a car elsewhere isn’t easy. You will have to find dealers who will look for buyers of your vehicle. But, car donation in Toronto involves no mediator.


Often, donated vehicles are old and need expensive repairs. Car donation centers have volunteers that help in various types of mechanical repairs.

Free towing

If you want to donate your vehicle, you have to inform the charitable firm. They will schedule the pickup of your car as per your preferred day and time.

Hence, car donation in Toronto is helpful on so many levels and to so many people. Make sure the charitable organisation is a certified one so that you can claim a tax write-off.


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